BH46 – Holiday Gift Ideas for the Bourbon Lover in Your Life

In this episode Brett, Tyler, and Dude sit down to to talk about some gift ides for the bourbon lover in your life, while also tasting some Old Forester single barrel picks from Bourbon Enthusiast.  Then we surprise Tyler with Elijah Craig 18 year for his birthday, which is one of his favorite bottles of bourbon.

I was recently asked what bourbon someone should buy for their boss who loves bourbon. For bourbon lovers, that can be a very loaded question. Think about it… are they a wheated bourbon lover? Do they like finished bourbons? Do they follow the pricing of bourbon and only like expensive or hard to find bourbons? Are they impressed by budget bourbons that slip under the radar? So, let’s talk about holiday gift ideas for the bourbon lover in your life… What makes a good gift for a bourbon lover? Do you know the bourbons they own? Do you know the bourbons they like? Do you need to spend a lot of money for a bottle of bourbon? All of these questions can be a little overwhelming for someone buying for a bourbon lover. So we decided to think a little outside the box for the bourbon lover in your life and came up with some gift ideas that can truly blow them away with the thoughtfulness and the uniqueness. Showing that not only do you know they enjoy bourbon, but went out of your way to make sure they got something that wasn’t just run of the mill.

— 2020 Bourbon Lovers Christmas List —

Premium Bar Products – Small order personalized glasses for whiskey, bourbon, cocktails, etc.

Home Wet Bar – Small order personalized glasses, decanters, sets, bar tools, etc.

Thousand Oaks Barrel Company – This one is a little more out of the box, they have whiskey making and aging sets. Aging barrels, and other custom things like barrel heads, etc.

Nose your bourbon – A great gift for the novice or expert bourbon drinker looking to get a little better at tasting and nosing bourbon.

Oak Bottle – a reusable aging bottle that allows you to age white dogs, or existing bourbons/whiskey/etc in this smaller charred oak bottle.

Stave & Thief – give the gift of learning… they have the only accredited bourbon stewardship program on the market.

Private Barrel Pick Clubs – From Bourbon Enthusiast, Breaking Bourbon, and Fred Minnick’s whiskey club, these provide exclusive access to barrel pick versions of the bourbons and whiskeys you love.

Bourbons Tasted on the Show

Elijah Craig 18yr

Old Forester Barrel Picks 

Jim Beam 12 year

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