Barrel Pick #1 – Middle West Spirits – Early Access

We are offering early access to our barrel pick with Middle West Spirits for all of our podcast, Facebook, and IG followers. Read all of the information below before clicking the button below.

By checking out, you will be given the opportunity to reserve first access to purchase up to two bottles of the Bourbon Hunters Barrel Pick from Middle West Spirits.  The Barrel Pick will be released to the Middle West Spirits Bottle Shop off of 5th Ave in Columbus, OH on January 13th for $55 per bottle.  The pick yielded 108 bottles and will be held exclusively for our podcast listeners until the end of January, at which time any remaining bottles will be made available to the public. To purchase, you will need to make sure you can physically get to the bottle shop to pickup.  There are no shipping options. 

Once you register for early access, we will be releasing a google form that allows you to go in and reserve up to two bottles per person.  We will be cross-referencing all the forms to make sure they match the email submitted on here so be sure to use the same email address here and on the form we send you.  

Barrel Details:

Barrel #: 1557

Bottle Yield: 108

Proof: 125.1

Mash Bill: 67% Corn, 16% Wheat, 14% Dark Pumpernickel Rye, 3% Barley

Barrel Size: 30 Gallon

Age: 5 years

**On checkout, select Hold for Pickup.  If you are ordering from out of state but plan on picking up in person, please use the bottle shop address in Ohio as your shipping address so that you can select “Hold for pickup”**