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Episode 20 Now Available!!!


“Buffalo Trace Distillery continues its homage to former Distillery owner Colonel E. H. Taylor, Jr. with a special release 18 year old bourbon whiskey which is a marriage of three mashbills, two rye bourbon mashbills and one wheated bourbon mashbill.

This 100 proof Bottled-In-Bond small batch bourbon was put into barrels in 2002. Barrels chosen for this special batch release matured using one of three Buffalo Trace mashbill recipes; wheated bourbon, rye bourbon #1 and rye bourbon #2. The whiskey from these 18-year-old barrels was married together to make this limited edition offering.

Tasting notes describe this bourbon as having a nose of vanilla butter cake, a taste of caramel and cinnamon, and a finish of toasted oak, cinnamon, and a hint of spearmint.

Like some of the previous releases, this one-time-only bottling of E. H. Taylor, Jr 18 Year Old Marriage is very limited. Also consistent with past releases, this bottle displays a vintage label and is offered inside a distinct canister reminiscent of Taylor’s whiskey package from over one hundred years ago. These six bottle cases will be shipped in an impressive wooden box first used for the Cured Oak release in 2015. The boxes are modeled after the wooden crates used by Taylor to transport goods during the days before Prohibition. This special bottling of Colonel E.H. Taylor, Jr. 18 Year Old Marriage Bourbon Whiskey will be available starting in June in limited supply. The suggested retail price is $69.99 per 750 ml bottle.”

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