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Coming Soon

New episodes are currently being recorded. Probably switching to a bi-weekly format. With exceptions for two-part shows.

Third Episode is Live!!!

The Hunt is Real

Line around the corner. 15 deep this morning.

Up for grabs today.

Second Episode is now live!!

First Haul

Got some EH Taylor Small Batch, Buffalo Trace, Bourbon Cream, and Wheatley’s Vodka (for the wifey)

Buffalo Trace Distillery, part I

So first stop under our belts

On our way to Bourbon Trail

Got a 5:45am start this morning on our whirlwind Bourbon Trail trip for Tyler’s birthday. Upcoming episodes describing our experience and purchases.

Episode 1 – Preview Episode

Coming Soon!!!

Podcasts to discuss the trials and tribulations of hunting for Bourbon in central Ohio. Maybe some other fun stories along the way…